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Ever since I have been a little kid, I have loved shooting guns with my dad and two brothers.  For us, shooting is family time, and I have many cherished memories of being out at the range, shooting with them.  Shooting runs in the family on my dad’s side—he and his father and brother all loved guns.  Sometimes my dad tells me stories about my grandfather whom I unfortunately never got to meet; often times, these stories include he, his dad, and his brother out shooting and having a good time.  The point is, shooting to me and my family isn’t just about the act of simply firing weapons for pleasure.  In fact, while this is certainly fun to do, it is probably only a minor part of why we enjoy shooting.  The main reason why we enjoy it is for the family bonding time.  There is something about being out at a firing range in the middle of nowhere with nothing but your family, some rifles, and a lot of ammunition—it certainly spells for a good time.  

As one can see, I obviously come from a very pro-gun household.  However, I cannot deny that guns definitely have their downfalls.  Recently, it seems to have been becoming all too familiar to hear a story on the news about a school, movie theater, or mall shooting.  These catastrophes are horrible, and in the end, it is a gun that causes the deaths.  In this blog I will try to find solutions to all of the recent gun-related catastrophes that have been going on.  I will try to be as unbiased as possible as I try to find a solution.


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