The Huge Argument of Gun Control

The argument of gun control itself has so many levels to it.  It is such a heated topic that the debate over it isn’t only which side (pro gun control or non) is correct, but much more.  I just read an article that is debating on whether or not federal funding for firearms research has been cut off by the NRA or not.  According to the article, gun control advocates have falsely reported that there has been a lack of firearms studies due to a lack in federal funding.  The article attacks these organizations and people for finding a way to make it look like there has been a reduction in firearm research as of late. 

As I read this article, I found it amazing how the gun control debate has escalated to levels such as these.  It is much more than just trying to prove one’s side of the case; it includes trying to denigrate the opposing side.  The argument has turned to ad hominem, and I thought this was rather interesting.


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