Some Basic Gun Control/Gun Rights Arguments

As I was writing an exploratory paper on the different sides in the gun control debate, I found a couple pretty good summaries of some of the arguments on both sides of the debate.  A fellow blogger who goes by the name of Morris M pretty much summed up both sides (those in favor of gun control and those against).  He created a list of 10 arguments for both sides, and was even kind enough to provide links to his credible sources.  This greatly helped me write my paper, and I think that they are pretty decent summaries for those who do not know much about the debate in gun control.  For this reason, I have put the links to both sides of the argument below.  I must warn people however, that I think that the 10 reasons for gun control is a much stronger list than the 10 reasons for gun rights.  This is not because I personally believe in gun control, but rather because Morris M does, and I think that in places it is easy to see his bias in the gun rights list.  Therefore, there are probably stronger and better arguments for gun rights out there, but for the time being, this one will have to do.

10 Arguments for Gun Control

10 Arguments Against Gun Control


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